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Please contact Susan Jensen - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - if you have 0-5 master points or 30+ master points and would like to participate in the buddy programme....

The Buddy Programme Rules and Regulations

The focus group will be players with 0-5 master points (The Partner) and players of 30+ master points (The Buddy)

The Aims:

To help beginner players (0-5MPs) who are keen to improve their game and their confidence by playing with a more experienced player for a 4 week period.

The Benefits:

  • Increased success
  • Increased satisfaction 
  • Better bridge!

The Rules:

  • The partnership should be for a limited time ie a maximum of 4 weeks aiming for once a week or twice a month.
  • The buddy partnership should play together in the Red Row on a day of their choosing
  • Discussion of the boards played can either be discussed at the end of a session, by email or over the phone, but not during the game. Looking at the results on Pianola can be a good way of opening the discussion.  Training on the use of Pianola may be required.
  • The games played together should be bid according to the basic bidding system.  System cards will be provided.
  • As a way of thanking their Buddy, the Partner should pay the Buddy’s playing fee for the session played.
  • At the end of the buddy period, both participants will be asked to complete the questionnaire so that the Bridge Education committee can assess the programme.

The Laws:

For The Buddy:

  • This is not a teaching platform, but rather encouraging The Partner to use skills they have already learnt in order to gain confidence in their game.
  • Establish an environment for open interaction and encourage a two-way exchange of information.
  • Share successes as well as failures
  • Praise in order to build confidence
  • Lead by example

For The Partner:

  • Establish specific goals with your Buddy in order to focus direction
  • Seek and accept advice/constructive criticism
  • Provide honest feedback to your buddy
  • Keep your buddy informed of progress made

Before starting:

  • Discuss the reason for participating in the programme
  • Set 2 or 3 goals or objectives for the buddy relationship.  Make notes if you feel if helps.
  • Work out the details - when to play and the followup. 

Ingredients for success:

  • Before the next game meet up earlier than usual to review experiences since the last game together
  • Open communication about feelings and experiences
  • Enthusiasm and willingness from both sides with mutual interest
  • Holding candid discussions on whether the programme is working
  • Being aware of differences in personality and style
  • Refer to the Pianola results email to discuss results. Sign up for the Pianola plus trial using the following link: http://www.pianola.net/plus. For more information about Pianola Plus including discount codes for Peninsula Bridge Club members click here.