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Developed by the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) the content was originally written in 1986 by Audrey Grant and recently updated to more accurately convey the latest duplicate bridge ideas and philosophy.

After defending a deal do you and your partner wonder “Could we have defeated the contract?” In this book you will learn how to defeat contracts that the declarer would make if you don’t defend carefully.

Guidelines are given for handling specific situations on defence: opening leads, third-hand play, second-hand play and signals and lots more. This book has lots of examples and easy to follow explanations.

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The Impact of Opening Leads Against Notrump Contracts – How to Take More Tricks on Defense by Audrey Grant.

This book looks at defending against no trump contracts. It focuses on the opening lead and how it can affect the subsequent defence.

It covers opening leads such as 4th highest from longest and strongest . . .; when to lead partner’s suit; what to lead from a sequence; when it’s time to take the tricks and run and lots more.

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Who can use the library?

All members of the Peninsula Bridge Club have access to the bridge library books and other resources. Follow this guide to read some great bridge books.

How to borrow a book?
1 Select your book from the glass cupboard.
2 Write it up in the Red hard-covered diary.
3 Enjoy the book.
4 Return the book to the library chute below the Suggestion Box in the Library area.
5 Write up the date you returned the book in the Red hard-covered diary.

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The 2017 Laws of Duplicate Bridge are now available for reading. The Library has acquired the 2017 edition of the Laws of Bridge 2017 from the World Bridge Federation for you to read. If you are interested, you can Google these changes to look at what has been reviewed and altered. For many of us it is just good to know we have the most up-to-date information available at our Club!

Also we have the latest 2017 edition of Director is Called by John Mcilrath. This publication discusses the most frequent instances when a Director is called and how directors might handle the issues according to the Laws. Recently modified to reflect the new 2017 Laws of Duplicate Bridge. Available in the library now.

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Extra copies of popular titles were recently purchased for the Library.

If you are starting out on your bridge journey, Joan Butts Absolute Beginners and Beginners’ Play by Derrick Browne gives simple, clear information.

Play Bridge 2 by Joan Butts looks at card play and how to count your winners and losers.  Intermediate Bridge Play Problems by Tina Zines will provide you with more skills and challenges.


Have you have surfaced from learning the basics of bridge? Do you go to the monthly bridge classes and some things are starting to make more sense? Are you playing a couple of times a week and you and your partner are keen to learn more?

You will enjoy dipping into Intermediate Bridge Play Problems by Tina Zines (edited by Derrick Browne). Copies are available now, for you to borrow, in your PBC Library.

Select a problem, bid and play. Then turn the page to see the solution and analysis for each of the 50 problems. South is always the declarer in these problems. Often you will be asked to put yourself in the declarer’s seat. Some of the time you will be defending.

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How would you feel if you were dealt:

C KJ97


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"Can it be right to jeopardize the contract for the sake of a dubious overtrick? Can it be wise to play deliberately against the odds? When is it safe to gamble? When is it sound to be unorthodox? Hugh Kelsey leaves no question unanswered. Better still he teaches the reader how to master the technique of duplicate and find the answers himself..."

"...with some 200 vivid examples, Kelsey analyses one by one the problems of bidding, dummy play and defence in the light of ... match-point scoring. He covers the entire field, from the opening lead in a part-score contract to the advance sacrifice against a grand slam."