Image of book cover

Peninsula Library's new acquisition and book of the month is Audrey Grant's Entries – Five Steps to Overcome Entry Problems. This book was recommended during the workshop by Joan Butts on Entries.

Do you sometimes find yourself in the wrong hand, yours instead of dummy’s or vice versa? Are you a numbers person? Or… would you like to know what the odds of how the suits will break in the defenders hands?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then Audrey Grant’s book on Entries may be a help. It is easy to follow with lots of examples and suggestions for bidding and play!

250w Entries Suit Break PercentagesIt also has a handy set of probabilities for suit distribution of the cards the defenders have in a suit (when there are no other known factors). 

It is bound to be a popular book so don’t forget to write it up in the big red covered Loan Book when you borrow it and please return and mark your name off when you bring it back.

Happy bridging.

PS. Most of our books written by Joan Butts seem to be missing. Would it be possible for them to find their way back into the library so that others can get value from them?