Photo of The Bridge Player's Bedside Book

How would you feel if you were dealt:

C KJ97


The answer is very cautious.

This was the hand reputed to have been dealt to the Duke of Cumberland, son of King George III, in a game of whist played for high stakes. Trumps were clubs and the opponents wagered that he would not take a trick.

This is one of the hands in this book which the author, Tony Forrester, describes as the "best collection of entertaining and informative one-off pieces ever written. Not just fictional, but also many of the key hands and decisions that have shaped bridge history."

First published in 1997, this 243 page book contains approximately 50 short articles by a range of famous bridge players, ranging from the serious to the light-hearted. The final piece is entitled "Useless hints for useless players".

Oh and the other hands for your hand above are on p180. Check out this book in our club library.