Photo of the library

Who can use the library?

All members of the Peninsula Bridge Club have access to the bridge library books and other resources. Follow this guide to read some great bridge books.

How to borrow a book?
1 Select your book from the glass cupboard.
2 Write it up in the Red hard-covered diary.
3 Enjoy the book.
4 Return the book to the library chute below the Suggestion Box in the Library area.
5 Write up the date you returned the book in the Red hard-covered diary.

To help you find your book we have a printed catalogue. It is kept in the library ‘s glass cupboard in a plastic folder. To help you find what you are searching for, the catalogue has two lists: by Book Title and by Author.

What books are at my level?
In the library we classify books roughly into three categories: Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced. On the spine they will have an X for Beginners, XX for Intermediate and XXX for Advanced!