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Welcome! This item guides you on how to add and edit content on this site.

To contribute content you need to:

  • Be registered as a user on the site with author permissions - the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will set you up when you volunteer to undertake a contributor role
  • Login to the site using the Login/Logout link on the Home Menu (top left)
  • Click on the appropriate Add content item in the Home menu (these menu items appear when you are logged in) - following the relevant simple FAQ guides written for site contributors. 

This FAQ item provides guidance to contributors who wish to change their profile information including your name, password and/or email address.

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This item helps you add a link to an internet site in an article or event. 

This process of adding a link to an internet site would generally take place creating or editing an article or event - this underlying authoring process is covered in two separate articles, Create/edit an article and Create/edit an event.

 To add an internet link to a content item:

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Thank you for wanting to share with other bridge players.

This item helps you create and edit articles, which are used for all contributor information on the site apart from events (see Create/edit an event for all contributor information related to an event). 

To create an article you need to (once you are logged in):

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This item helps you insert an image in an article (or event) to make the content come alive. You can either upload an image from your computer or link to one already on the website.

Inserting an image generally takes place in the middle of creating or editing an article (or event). If the next paragraph causes your eyes to glaze over or you find inserting an image difficult then please just create the article with text and send your raw images to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a plea for help.

The site uses images 250 pixels wide (and 400 pixels wide if a larger image is useful on the article page). Ideally we use square images, that is 250x250 or 400x400, but getting the width right is the more essential of the two. For photos we use JPGs at a quality of about 80. You will probably need to use an image editor to reduce your digital photos to these formats/quality level. Eyes glazed? See the paragraph above.

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This FAQ item explains how to add a link to a file (such as a pdf results file) that you upload to the site.

Adding a link to a file that you upload to the site would take place in the middle of creating or editing a content item, such as an article or event - see the separate FAQs Create/edit an article and Create/edit an event..

To link a file that you have uploaded or want to upload:

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This item helps you to create and edit events, which are used for all items associated with a time and date (see Create/edit an article for all other items).

Events are the life-blood of an activity based club like ours. They contain the key information about regular sessions and special events and about lessons and meetings. Ideally the event time and date information is stored once only in the event as the single source of truth. Articles that refer to the event should include a link to it rather than duplicating this key information. This would mean less chance of error particularly when event details change and online references need to change.

This FAQ item provides guidance on how to easily include a bridge hand and/or bidding in an article or event.