Photo of Clare Filmer-Ramsay

I have been playing bridge for sixteen years, when I moved to Australia from England, I know I needed to find some “new” friends, and the best way to do that is to pursue hobbies. I had always enjoyed card playing in England, my father is a bridge player, so I thought it was time to learn.

I looked up Peninsula Bridge Club in the phone directory, and first spoke to Ada Duigan, who at the time I think was organising beginner classes. I signed up for beginner classes which started on Monday mornings and were run by Greg Quittner. My first partner was a lady called Doreen. I have lived on Collaroy Plateau for sixteen years.

I was born in Cambridge in England, and am one of four children. I have three children (boys), my partner is a keen 500 player, and we have taught our boys to play 500. My eldest two sons are keen poker players, and I keep trying to tell them the virtues of playing bridge, however they are blinded by the fact that they can win money at poker! I did convince my partner about two years ago when he was in between work to learn bridge, and he is keen to play more once he is fully retired. I play twice a week at the club Tuesday and Friday evenings.

My partner (Cassandra Mitchell) and I have over the past two years started to enter congresses. My two best memories of our successes have been when we won the pairs championship at Goulburn, and coming second in the Penline pairs championship last year in Canberra. I don’t have a favourite contract, although I think 3NT is always a challenge, and I love bidding slams!

My current grade is State Master with Star and I have 108 master points.

I am studying at the moment so volunteer at a high school mentoring high school students, and at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation service. I do not come to much of the training held at the club due to time constraints, although I have found the recent Tuesday evening training useful. I don’t think you ever stop learning at bridge, or anything you do.

I am happy with the club, I prefer bidding boxes to writing bids, but that’s probably because that’s how I learnt. I have never been on the committee, although having been on other committees at schools etc appreciate what they do. I think the club could continue in its efforts to promote the evening sessions more, encourage the newer members to attend, hold more charity, fun nights, or just advertise the fact that evening play is fun too!