Photo of Gino Morello

Introducing this month’s member spotlight, Gino Morello. Gino has told me that he has played bridge since he was 19 years old. He learned to play bridge in Asmara (Eretria) where he shared lodgings with a fellow boarder who taught him how to play. Gino was born in Alexandria, Egypt, and had an English education. He has many language skills in his repertoire, being fluent in Arabic, English, French, and of course Italian, and possibly more!

In Gino's words: An opportunity arose when I was 19, to take up a vacancy in the accounts department of British Airways (BOAC) in Asmara, where I had worked for six years and prior to this in Aden for ten years, before I left to live in Australia in 1965. I had studied Financial Accounting, and so I transferred to British Airways (BOAC), Australia, and worked as a Financial Director for them until my retirement at 63 years old. I then took an accounting position with Global Aviation, where I worked until I was 80 years old.

Being a long way from Europe now, I asked Gino where in Australia is the best place he has lived. His answer, of course: I have lived most of my life in Australia on Sydney's northern beaches. Gino lives only 10 minutes by car from the club.

Gino thinks we are lucky in having excellent members who do a lot of work for the club. He can’t think of anything that needs changing. He plays bridge about twice a week, and his life partner, Fiammetta does also. I asked him about his children, and did they play bridge? But, the answer was no! He tells me they are too busy with work and family.

Gino has been a very successful bridge player. He has his name on the honour boards, and there are other wins, along the way. He was on the committee for a long time and directed for many years. He tells me that he does not do any volunteer work now at Peninsula, as he is very involved with his family. I think he has done the hard yards!

He tells me that ‘you never stop learning’. His masterpoint grade is over 100 points. Asked about his opinion of the way the club is running their programs, Gino says: I think our Bridge Club is highly organised and the committee deserve lots of praise.

His other hobbies are flying radio controlled model aeroplanes, and other than bridge, his favourite pastime is travelling.

Congratulations on a birthday this month and as we know, he has been a Peninsula Bridge Club member for 50 years.