Photo of Anita Kite

I have been playing bridge for 27 years. I learnt in 1989 with John Roberts in Mona Vale. Although I had played a lot of card games - Canasta, Euchre, 500, etc. - I knew nothing about Bridge. I am forever grateful I had such a good teacher.

My husband and I came to Australia as "£10 Poms", arriving on 10 June 1960. It was a beautiful, sunny day. I literally fell in love with Australia then, and remain so. We were ‘nominated’ by my aunt who dwelt in Park St, Mona Vale, and we have lived in Northern Beaches ever since, that is for 57 years.

I was born in London. My earliest memory is of walking beside my mother, who was pushing a pram with my sister in it, when the siren started. She whisked me up into the pram, and ran for her life. Within days, we left London for Wales, where I grew up.

I like ‘slams’. There is nothing like playing a slam to get the adrenalin going.

Apart from the earlier starts on Tuesday and Friday nights, which I detest, I think we have an incredibly well-run Club. In particular, a big thank you to the Directors who volunteer their services. One only has to play elsewhere to realise how lucky we are with the amenities on offer, and our wonderful premises.

I probably play about 4-5 times a week on average. I live just ‘down the road'. That's the beauty of it, just 10 mins and I'm there.

Why are the young ones not enticed to play bridge? It is difficult, as young people are so busy earning a living, supporting a family etc. I certainly couldn't have spared the time to play cards when my children were little.

Having said that, I love bridge now, as so do many others, and not to play - would leave a huge gap in my life. I have had some successes. I particularly remember playing in ‘Teams of 3’ at Goulburn St, Sydney, and winning!

Interested in learning sessions? When there is something I am really interested in learning, I do like to attend these special sessions.

I was on the Committee for a short while, but decided I was more help doing something to help in the kitchen.

Do you ‘play away’ sometimes? Yes. On the odd occasion I play elsewhere, I realise how spoilt we are here! My old pastimes were tennis, and also squash. I am now reduced to walking and gardening. Reading is my all-time favourite pastime!