Photo of Chris Kelly

This month we are spotlighting Chris Kelly. She has been playing bridge for over thirty years. She started playing at Mona Vale Bowling Club - to name a few of her teachers: Bev Menzies, John Verholtz and John Newman.

I asked Chris whether she had always lived in Australia. "Yes, I have always lived in Australia. I was a born in Mareeba and then lived in Brisbane, where I was married, and then moved to Sydney. I have five children, and have had a great eventful life." Chris adds that she has lived on the northern beaches for 57 years.

Coming to Peninsula Bridge Club is easy for Chris - she only lives four kilometres away! I think there are a lot of our bridge players who have the same story. She plays two to three times a week. Her life partner does not play bridge, and she adds: "And probably never will".

Her favourite contract is no trumps, and that is followed by a suit contract, and then hopefully a slam!

None of their children have learned to play bridge. "They have so many other things to keep their interest." 

I asked Chris what would she suggest to promote the game. "Just keep on advertising, and make it reasonably priced to learn."

On the subject of memories and successes at bridge Chris described when she would go to Townsville and play in the Gold Congress with her sister, and they both went to some bridge holidays. Chris has over 100 masterpoints. Most of her ‘victories’ have happened when she played away.

No night Bridge, training or otherwise! She agrees though, you never stop learning. She is content with playing arrangements at the club, which she feels is good for old members and newcomers alike. She does suggest though, that if changes are implemented in the club, that a ‘go slow’ approach would be a good idea.

She would like to compliment the voluntary members and does appreciate what they do to keep the club members in contact with each other.