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DC asked: My partner opened 1C (with two plus clubs) and I'm holding 4 hearts to the king, 4 clubs to the queen, 4 diamonds to the queen and a singleton spade, what would your response be?

I bid 1D, she said 2NT so I went 3NT and we made 7...

PG responded: Despite the most accurate bidding, you need to expect some hands not to make. Bidding systems cover the majority of hands not all of them.

With 7HCP many players these days would show 1H rather than 1D over a 1C opening. It is not that 1D is wrong but you expect to only make one bid and it is better to show a major over a minor in that situation (unless your partnership has agreed to bid strictly up the line).

Your partner's jump to 2NT tends to show about 19-20HCP and a balanced hand (most likely with longer clubs than diamonds). It doesn't deny a four card major, so probably a stayman 3C would be the best response on your hand to check if partner has 4 hearts. If so you would be better playing in 4H, otherwise 3NT. And some well-bid 3NT will go down.