IMage of driving at night

We'd love to see more players at our night sessions but know that some prefer not to drive at night. If this sounds like you, please consider ringing one of our members below who have offered to drive players who live on their driving routes to and from a night session.

Simply ring the member who drives past where you live and see if you can make a workable arrangement. it would be great to see you join the night session.

If you are prepared to offer such a driving service to one of our night sessions please contact David Farmer on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0415 715 743.

Night time driving offers    
Sessions Suburbs First Name  Phone Number 
 Tue, Wed & Fri   Roseville, Forestville  Cassandra  0421 764 300
 Tue & Fri  Collaroy Plateau  Clare  0424 063 220
 Tue  Newport  Peter  0403 710 789
 Tue & Wed  Ingleside  Bob  0414 449 034
 Tue  Cromer  David  0415 715 743
 Wed  Fairlight  Tricia  0419 645 647