Bridge Shop's vugraph hand of the week

If you are looking to improve your bridge efficiently then this hand of the week challenge offered by The Bridge Shop (located in Penshurst St, Willoughy) has a great deal going for it.

First of all their hands of the week puts you on the spot as if you were at the table and have to make the right decision - you are on the spot. Secondly it provides step by important step commentary to ensure you understand the best choice at the time. You only need to provide the discipline to think your decision out well before moving on to the "answers" ie the next item of commentary.

There are two Vu-graph strands - for intermediate (green) and for newcomers (blue). The site gives you one free hand a week from each strand and shows the last five. For some of us that might be all we have time for. But for those who want to learn more there is the subscription option - receive more than 500 intermediate hands for only $60 pa.