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Start with accepting that trying to improve your bidding is not easy - and continually humbling. Add in that it is really best done in conjunction with your regular partners so that you can discover the subtle differences in the way you see bidding situations. And clearly the specifics will depend on what overall bidding system you choose. But having noted these cautions, where can you do to improve your bidding judgment?

Maybe try:

  1. The weekly ACBL "Its your call" Bidding Challenge - either go to its ACBL source or participate in the discussion on our club Facebook group
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Bidding problem hand

Some of us are unfortunate enough to know we make bridge mistakes and to think we can improve. The American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) has us in its sights with its weekly tough bidding question. 

How would you bid this one (imaged left) from the week before christmas?



The hand

This is not a happy tale. It started off innocently enough with North opening 1D, my passing as East, and South bidding 1H. Then my partner West opened 1S and I got excited and things went downhill...

North bid 2D, and I counted my losers coming to 8. I was not sure whether to bid 3S or 4S on my massive fit and diamond void, so I temporized and bid 3S, telling myself that when I later bid 4S it might stop the opponents from doubling or continuing to bid.

After 3S, South bid 4H which was passed around to me, and sure enough I bid my 4S - not taking into account South's confidence in bidding game without any sign of a fit from partner.

So was South intimidated enough to pass and leave 4S undoubled?

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How would you go about planning the play on this hand on a DK lead and East following with the D7?

S KJ952
C 43

S -
H 96
D T8652

-     1H    2C     2D
2S    X     3C     -  
-     -

Image of your hand

How would you bid this hand (non-vulnerable against vulnerable) from the Swiss Pairs on Tuesday 18 July, after partner's 2S opening showing less than opening points and 5+ spades and 5+ of a minor suit?

Alternately, and possibly quite a different problem, how do you bid if partner managed a 1D opening?

Photo of bidding boxes in use

How do you bid this hand, as dealer and vulnerable against non-vulnerable?

S J732
H AQT975
D 3


Photo of bridge hand in play

You partner deals and opens 1H. Your right hand opponent (RHO) comes in with 3D, described as preemptive. What do you bid with this hand?

H 8
D AK64
C 763