Photo of bridge player thinking

Start with accepting that trying to improve your bidding is not easy - and continually humbling. Add in that it is really best done in conjunction with your regular partners so that you can discover the subtle differences in the way you see bidding situations. And clearly the specifics will depend on what overall bidding system you choose. But having noted these cautions, where can you do to improve your bidding judgment?

Maybe try:

  1. The weekly ACBL "Its your call" Bidding Challenge - either go to its ACBL source or participate in the discussion on our club Facebook group
  2. Peruse the This Week in Bridge extensive notes on bidding options, covering the what and why of a huge number of common and less common bidding conventions and approaches broken down by level - see a sample on our site or go to the source - note it is an American site and defaults to a 2/1 system
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