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This Week in Bridge is looking at modern bidding tools for responder and/or advancer to continue the bidding after partner has bid in short articles suitable for club and congress level players.Try these for some good ideas:

  • "New Minor Forcing fundamentals" - useful 5 page coverage of one of responder's important tools on the second round of the bidding (along with 4th Suit Forcing) for finding out more about opener's hand - a different version of the "2C/3C checkback" often played at our club.
  • "Preempt Keycard" - useful 3 page coverage of an advanced responder tool for exploring slam after partner opens the bidding with a 2-level or 3-level preempt.
  • "Meckstroth Advances" - 3 page coverage of an advanced approach for advancer to use to show a range of hands after partner has made a Michael's Cue-bid over the opponent's 1 major opening.
  • "Modern Lebensohl or Modern Transfer Lebensohl" - a good 3 page article for advanced partnerships looking to improve their Lebensohl convention