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This Week in Bridge in January looks at some core concepts for any improving player.

These are part of an excellent free archive of short articles categorised by level - try the link to find articles suitable to you and your partners.

Image of declarer problem

How do you plan to make your slam on this hand? You as dealer open the bidding with 1H, partner gives you a limit raise to 3H and you punt on 6H - no opponent bidding.

West leads the SQ. On the second trick when you lead the HA, East discards a spade.

What is your plan?

Image of the hand

You are South in 6S after uncontested bidding. West leads the DJ on which dummy plays low and you win with the DA. You then clear trumps in three rounds with West discarding the H3.

How do you plan to make your slam?

See Klinger's answer below.

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This Week in Bridge looks at various aspects of trump suit management by declarer in short articles useful for club and congress level players.

Annotated links to these articles are provided to help our players who are looking for ways of improving their play.

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Image of South's hand

After West opens 1H and both North and East pass, how do you bid this hand?

Some partnerships have a system for competing in the pass-out position where the opener's bid is followed by two passes. For the purpose of this challenge let's assume you have no such agreement with your partner.


Shows the problem

One might prefer better diamond spots for a 1NT overcall. But doubling is also dangerous; what would one do if partner advanced with 2C? At least 1NT accurately communicates the hand-type and strength.

At trick one, West leads the H9 and East puts up the HJ. When you lead the CK, it wins the trick.

How would you plan the play?

Plan your play as South playing 6H after an uncontested auction and a SQ opening lead:

Those who attended Derrick Browne's pre-session talk before the Swiss Pairs on Tuesday 24 April may have an advantage. 


Cover image

See if you can work this one out:

S 54
H K73
D A86
C AQ863

S A82
H A842
D K73
C 752

You, South are in 3NT, with East having bid spades, West dutifully leading one. How do you plan the play?