declarer play solution

Try this declarer play challenge from Ron Klinger - taken from the 2018 Summer Festival of Bridge Bulletin 14 Jan.

Plan the play in a teams event. If you duck the opening lead, West switches to the S9. Trumps are 2-2.

Try to plan it out fully as if you were at the table before playing to the first trick - or clicking the Read More link.

 In the National Team Selection, most declarers won the CK lead, drew trumps, lost a diamond finesse. East returned a club to West, who switched to the S9, Q, K. When declarer took a second diamond finesse, that lost too, and so 4H was one down, with three our of four finesses failing.

With such good trump pips, one can do better. One successful line is CA and return a club. If West switches to the S9, you can finesse the SQ. East wins and returns the SJ.

Take the SA, ruff the S3, ruff your third club with one of dummy's high trumps and then play HK, HA. Now you can run the DT or finesse the DQ. East wins but is endplayed. A spade return allows you to ruff in dummy and pitch a diamond from hand, while a diamond return eliminates a loser too.

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