Plan your play as South playing 6H after an uncontested auction and a SQ opening lead:

Those who attended Derrick Browne's pre-session talk before the Swiss Pairs on Tuesday 24 April may have an advantage. 


 You can see a top club loser and a deep spade loser. Time to give up?

Derrick Declarer Play Full HandThere are legitimate chances: East may have a short CA (even as part of a tripleton it can be ruffed out), and then you can throw your third spade out on the club king.

However there are even other chances. East might rise with the CA on the first round of the suit, fearful that you hold the stiff queen. If not, you can win the CQ and then return to dummy, and again lead a low club. Again East may rise with the CA, this time fearing you started with the bare C QJ. A cool East who plays low each time defeats the contract - but next time the lay of the cards could be different.

This hand and notes came from Derrick's free pre-session short talk on "The power of the closed hand" - showing how uncertainty of what you hold in your hand can be used to encourage the defenders to mis-defend.