Shows the full hand

One might prefer better diamond spots for a 1NT overcall. But doubling is also dangerous; what would one do if partner advanced with 2C? At least 1NT accurately communicates the hand-type and strength.

At trick one, West leads the H9 and East puts up the HJ. When you lead the CK, it wins the trick.

How would you plan the play?

 I think West should lead a diamond. Last time I didn't lead my singleton diamond in this situation, declarer romped home. We would have had it three down after a diamond lead! Although it is irrelevant here, a diamond lead would not defeat the contract.

South took the first trick and led the CK, winning the trick. Then he paused. From the bidding, East had to have all three missing aces. Declarer realized that if he played a second club immediately, East would win and exit with a heart. South could try leading queens from his hand, but East was savvy enough to know to duck.

Instead, South immediately cashed two heart tricks, throwing a spade and a diamond from dummy. Then, when he played the second club, East was end-played, forced to give a trick to one of dummy's kings and bringing that hand with its four club winners back to life.