Image of full hand

How do you plan to make your slam on this hand? You as dealer open the bidding with 1H, partner gives you a limit raise to 3H and you punt on 6H - no opponent bidding.

West leads the SQ. On the second trick when you lead the HA, East discards a spade.

What is your plan?

 Julian thinks as follows: 

"The 3-0 trump break presents no problem. The real issue is to avoid the loss of a trick in each minor.

If the club finesse succeeds you have nothing to fear. You can discard one low club on the king of spades and another on the third round of diamonds. How might you succeed with the finesse wrong?

If you can sneak a diamond pass the ace, you can discard your other diamond on the king of spades and just lose a club. Indeed if you lead a low diamond and the ace goes up you will still succeed. You will have two discards on the diamonds and one on the king of spades. This means you will be able to get rid of three clubs.

Which defender should you select as the intended victim of this Morton's Fork? The lack of opponent bidding provides a clue. West, which you place with the king of clubs (so that the finesses fails) may well have a five-card suit headed by the queen and jack. With the ace of diamonds as well West would surely have overcalled one spade.

Therefore you draw trumps ending in dummy and lead a low diamond towards the jack. If East plays low you win with the Jack, cross via the seven of hearts and throw a diamond on the king of spades. What do you do if East prefers to grab the ace and switch to a club? Put up the ace, cash the jack of diamonds, and cross via the seven of hearts to take your three discards."

From Julian Pottage A Great Deal of Bridge Problems 2007, p20,22.