Image of the hand as known

You are West. South is in 4S. Your partner, East, bid hearts and you lead the H6.

East plays the HK, the HA, and then the HQ. On the third heart South ruffs with the SJ. 

What do you do?



the cards you can see

The Gold Coast Congress provides players with daily Bulletins which include daily program information, commentary on the more challenging hands played, and some challenge quiz hands. This hand was provided by expert Ron Klinger.

West  North  East  South
             Pass  2H (weak)
3C    3H     4C    4H 
All pass

After the following bidding, your partner, West, leads the CA with dummy following with the C2, and the CT from declarer. West then switches to the S8, with the S2 from dummy, your SA and the SJ from declarer. What do you do now?

Image of the hand as known

You are South and after this bidding sequence partner leads the DA. What do you play?

West  North East  South
                    1H     P
1S      X       3H     P
3S      P       4S     All pass


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This Week in Bridge is looking at Defense in short articles suitable for club and congress level players.Try these for some good ideas:

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"Defence, defence, defence. Making those -620s into +100s and -90s into +50s will transform your score sheet and your results." according to expert Paul Lavings. "Most players and partnerships put far too little time into their defence."

Paul delivered a talk at the NSW Bridge Association on Monday 11 April 2016 on this critical topic.

Try his defensive checklist to see what you can be doing to improve your defence: