BBO bidding screen

Several of our competitive players have expressed interest in learning more about how to use Bridge Base Online (BBO) to improve their bridge.

In this article we will gradually provide guides to help players get the best out of BBO's free and paid (but cheap) options for learning. 

BBO has its own good help options but have a look at our collection below.

  1. How to do partnership bidding practice on BBO - random deals, with or without opponent bidding - by Peter Clarke
  2. How to do partnership bidding practice on BBO with preset hand choice parameters - random deals that fit the point range and distribution parameters or more advanced scripted requirements you set, with or without opponent bidding - by BBO
  3. A description and example of how to script particular types of BBO practice hands - by Paul Gipson
  4. A full listing of the scripting commands for BBO practice hands - by BBO
  5. Possibly more immediately useful a long list of useable scripts to achieve various types of bridge hands - Unknown with some additions at the top by David Farmer
  6. An advanced example of scripting to define hands that suit your bidding system - by Suv Biswas
  7. How to start a teaching table on BBO - by BBO (A teaching table allows more options including playing the hands, but also with a little more complexity to manage)
  8. How to do partnership bidding and playing practice on BBO Teaching Tables - using a teaching table allows you to also play the hands and to use advanced robots - by David Farmer