Photo of Lisa and Maris

Joan Butts, our guest expert presenter for our Swiss Pairs night on Tuesday 17 October, spoke on the recent changes in the ways experts are evaluating their hands for preemptive opening bids. She started with a hand from the 2017 European Championships where a player, non-vulnerable in first position, opened 3S with S KJ6432 H 86 D 2 C QT76. While not necessarily supporting this as a good preempt, Joan noted that many more weaker hands were now used as preemptive openings, all trying to get in the way of their opponents finding a good contract.

Sure enough the 30 odd participants put this into good effect on the night. Joan was impressed when Anne Brown opened 3D on S5 H JT87 D KJT643 C K4 on the second board of the night and prevented her and her partner (yours truly) from bidding a makeable game - maybe I piked... You can download Joan's notes here to join the new world of light preempters.

Joan and I had our revenge, winning the night with four wins from four matches. Unfortunately Joan had to leave before the results were announced and a photo could be taken, so that honour went to the runners-up, Lisa Dunphy and Maris Taylor. You can check the full results.