Studying a hand record

Following the trial on Tuesday nights in 2017, we will broaden the initiatives we offer in 2018 to help competitively focused players improve their game.

Our target for these initiatives are those who play at congresses and other regular club players who are competitively focused. If you would like to hear more about the initiatives please subscribe to the Playing Better Initiatives group newsletter.

The most important element in competitively focused players improving their game remains their investment of time and effort in their individual learning and in discussions and practice with their partner. As well as inviting players to share what is working for them, these PBI initatives aim to complement this investment with opportunities to learn from others, both as individuals and as partnerships.

These include:

  • Trialing a range of collaborative and small group learning initiatives where there is sufficient interest and willingness to share costs 
  • Trialing on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and on one (still to be determined) daytime session an optional free 15 minute pre-session discussion of interesting hands from the previous week - with this, if successful, extended to other sessions
  • A dedicated Facebook group for discussion of interesting hands from any club session
  • Continuing to invite suitable external experts to deliver an optional free 20 minute pre-session talk on an agreed topic before the monthly Tuesday night Swiss Pairs and to lead a discussion on any interesting hand in each Swiss Pairs round - and where it can be arranged to deliver on a cost-shared basis a one hour small group workshop between 5 and 6pm
  • Trialing online small group sessions either covering particular pre-agreed topics or in an a group coaching format on a cost-shared basis
  • Trialing bridge learning weekends involving external experts either at the club or possibly at an external venue on a cost-shared basis

We will be working with the Bridge Education Sub-Committee to complement what they are planning for 2018. In particular being able to share the costs of any external expert over a weekend makes a lot of sense, with a Bridge Education arranged Saturday morning advanced workshop providing a good starting point for small group sessions with the same expert in the afternoon. Given the costs of bringing an external expert to the club the most likely times when we will be able to cost-effectively offer initiatives involving external experts will be 5-6pm on the evenings of our monthly Swiss Pairs and on weekends when we can arrange a number of different initiatives on the same day or weekend. While not yet committed we are currently planning:

  • Two afternoon small group sessions with Joan Butts to complement the workshop she is presenting on Saturday 14 April on 2/1 Game Force (arranged by the Bridge Education Sub-Committee), and
  • A full weekend of learning activities with Ed Barnes on 12-13 May.

We will announce any new initiatives via our Playing Better Initiatives newsletter, as well as via the normal events and articles on this site and in our monthly newsletter.