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Some of our Playing Better Initiatives (PBI) for competitively focused players are falling into place:

  • Face-to-face partnership bidding practice will be trialed on Thu 25 Jan at 7pm - check the details.
  • Our monthly Swiss Pairs with guest expert will recommence on Tue 30 Jan with Anita Curtis and her free pre-session talk on "Winning Leads" - check the details.
  • In subsequent Swiss Pairs we have Ed Barnes on 27 Feb and Derrick Browne on 27 Mar.
  • We have our first Tuesday at 5 one-hour workshop on Tue 30 Jan also with Anita Curtis and topic "Making the Pressure Bid in competition" - check the details including how to register.
  • We will have an afternoon of workshops and/or coaching sessions with Joan Butts on Saturday 14 April - after her morning 2/1 workshop arranged by Bridge Education.
  • We expect to have a weekend of workshops and/or coaching sessions with Ed Barnes on the weekend of 12-13 May.

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