Closeup photo of a bridge hand

February will see many of our competitive players head north to the Gold Coast Congress - may we all have some success in meeting out aspirations and, if not, at least some fun along the way. To help the fun and social side there are plans to have a dinner at the local Kurrawa Surf Club bistro on Monday 19 Feb - make sure you get the details from our Facebook group (where you can book in) or from our intrepid event organizer. Peter Clarke.

New PBI initiatives in the last month for those seeking to improve their competitive play include:

  • Ed Barnes leading our Tuesday at 5 workshop on "Slam bidding with voids" on 27 Feb when he will also be our Swiss Pairs expert. Check all the details and, if you would like to attend the workshop, register via the link. 
  • Anita Curtis will be leading our Tuesday at 5 workshop on 27 Mar - topic yet to be confirmed. Keep the time free while we work out the details.
  • Derrick Browne will be leading our Tuesday at 5 workshop on 24 Apr - topic yet to be confirmed. Keep this time free too.
  • We have Joan Butts available for two PBI workshops or coaching sessions on the afternoon of Sat 14 Apr, after she has delivered her morning Bridge Education workshop on 2/1 system - details still coming. Competitive players might wish to keep the morning free for this workshop and also register their interests in what PBI workshops or coaching they might like to do with Joan in the afternoon.
  • Similarly we have Ed Barnes available for the weekend of 12-13 May for a sequence of PBI workshops and coaching sessions - put on your thinking caps and register what you would like these to cover.
  • We have started our Tuesday evening pre-session discussions of hands from the previous week and also created a new Facebook Hand Analysis Group for those wishing to discuss hands from any of our Peninsula sessions - if you have any problems joining this public group This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It should be easy to copy and paste in an image of a hand.  
  • We have updated the PBI menu structure and articles on our website to better match the initiatives. This segment of the club website will be the main reservoir of our collective resources, wisdom and advice to competitive players. I am sure you will already find a wealth of useful information. For example see Peter Clarke's guide to how to use Bridge Base Online for partnership bidding practice or try out our BiddingDeclarer play or Defence play articles/challenges.

How will we decide the upcoming topics for our Tuesday at 5 and weekend PBI sessions? We will be driven by your preferences as you express them in our PBI Registration of 2018 interests form. Many of our competitive players are yet to fill out this form (possibly confusing it with the 2017 review of that year's initiatives) - please provide or update your preferences - there is no limit to the number of times you can update your answers!

And to help make this a fully collaborative help-each-other project, please think of how you can contribute - whether it is by reviewing a resource or writing up a guide to something you found useful.