In this menu you will find the results of all the events played at the Club.

Most of these results are published automatically as the events are scored. These can be accessed via the All ResultsSingle Session, Multi Session (for events played over more than one session/round), or Weekly Index menu items, or after a period of time in the Results Archive. The cumulative results for some more complex events, such as multi-session events where some scores are eliminated, can be found in the Other Results menu item.

NOTE - Some members have recently reported seeing only a blank screen where the results normally display. This appears to be due to some software or setting on the device which exhibits the problem. So far those who have experienced the problem have been able to see the results here.

Individual competitor photo

Find links to the Pianola cumulative results of the club's Individual competitions below, such as the First Friday <20MP Rookie Individual.

Cumulative results for the club's pair based competitions should be displayed in Multi-Session Results display.



The Sloman Cup is played each month March - December.  It is played with the same partner each month.  The best 8 scores count.  Here are the latest results.  These scores will be updated monthly.

Click HERE for current status - 2017

Photo of winner

The Autumn Individual event winner in 2017 is Hans Van Weeren, ahead of Cath Whiddon with Pat Cummings very close behind.

Eligible players needed to play with different partners over four weeks with their top three scores counting for the prize ranking. Hans, playing with Anne Small, did well coming first North-South in the last round with 59.73%. Check the full results below.

Interestingly both Cath Whiddon and Pat Cummings only played in, and only needed to play in, three of the four weeks to get in the places.

The Padman Trophy is played each month from February to December.  The best 9 scores count

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Click HERE for the final results of the 2016 trophy

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