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We welcome your playing with us, both members and visitors. New visitors are encouraged to complete a New Visitor form, and to consider applying for membership.

Please arrive 15 minutes before a session start time to allow the directors to set up an appropriate movement. If you run into bad traffic you will need to ring your partner or another player to ask them to advise the director that you are coming. You can also ring the club phone 9970 6527 but it may not be heard or answered if the club-house is busy and noisy.

Table money for the regular duplicates is $7 for members and $12 for visitors. Members can purchase prepaid vouchers/credits at a slight discount. For special events and lessons, the table money may be higher.

Most large sessions are divided into colour-coded sections to suit different player stages and aspirations.

We encourage players without a partner to use the Pianola Partner Finder service - and Bruce Kleem has offered to assist anyone using this service. Alternately you can also put your notice on the Members' Information whiteboard at the club.

The club helps visitors and those unexpectedly finding themselves without a partner at the Monday afternoon (rookie section only), Wednesday afternoon, Wednesday evening, Friday afternoon and Friday evening games and for any of our supervised sessions. For each of the non-supervised sessions we rely on a fill-in volunteer list to source a partner for any remaining unpartnered player - we invite those who are happy to be called in for a free game to list their name, phone number and available times on the main noticeboard. 

Tea, coffee and a biscuit are provided free at all sessions but meals are not generally available.

Parking is generally available in the Nelson Heather Centre carpark or in adjacent streets. Parking can be more difficult for our large Wednesday and Friday afternoon sessions. Players are encouraged to car-pool with fellow players, or to consider using public transport or the KEORIDE service.

The Event Calendar displays the latest information about our events. Check here for known changes to the printed 2018 diary.