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Our directors are critical to our success in providing our members and visitors a great place to play bridge - from the newest player in a supervised session to a top-flight competitor in one of our congresses.

See our director rosters here.

We are fortunate to have a large group of members who have volunteered to undertake the training to handle most of our sessions. We supplement these directors with external directors from time to time to handle some of our major competitions. You can meet our directors below:


Kelly BarberKelly Barber

"I have been a director since 2009 (9 years) and have enjoyed being of service for all the members of the club as a director."

Vickie BusteedVickie Busteed


Lloyd CleaverLloyd Cleaver


Missing 150Alan Davies


Vivien EldridgeVivien Eldridge


David FarmerDavid Farmer

"I started directing to learn more about the game. I am continually impressed with directors making decisions and choosing movements that find the right balance between the social and competitive aspects of the game - always an interesting challenge. Our club is very fortunate to have a body of member directors prepared to help out the club in this way."

Susan JensenSusan Jensen


Cassandra MitchellCassandra Mitchell

 "I started directing because I wanted to make use of my time post ‘retirement’.  I really enjoy directing and helping out in the club.  Friday night is my favourite time to direct because it is such a relaxed group and a great way to start the weekend.  Players who feel like they want to try out another session should come along to Friday nights."

Sandie RookeSandie Rooke


Anne SmallAnne Small

"I started playing bridge in August 2004 and became so involved with game I decided to learn the rules becoming a director and teacher in 2005. Laws have seen many changes in that time but always with the view of fairness and understanding of systems to make the game a more level playing field. I have learnt that your only friend at the table is your partner so be kind and respectful to them.”

Sue RileySue Riley


John RogersJohn Rogers


Jim RothwellJim Rothwell


Terry RothwellTerry Rothwell


Cath WhiddonCath Whiddon

 "I undertook director training in 2011 when we decided to  introduce supervised duplicate sessions at our club and so I could offer to direct restricted sessions at our special events."


Missing 150John McIlrath


Missing 150Ronnie Ng


Missing 150Brian Soutter

"I have been a director for some 20 years and during that time it has been a pleasure to watch the evolution of Club Bridge. The development of electronic scoring has made the game much more responsive to players while Law changes, by focusing on attempts to rectify a situation rather than to penalise, have made for a fairer game."