Pianola Plus report

If you look at your Pianola results message and wonder how you can improve then the optional Pianola Plus subscription might be just right for you.

The club (via Cath Whiddon) has negotiated a 20% discount on the first subscription to Pianola Plus for any of our club's members. To activate the discount the promo code is PENINSULA (all caps).

Pianola Plus offers a number of additional features of interest to those wishing to improve their game, such as:

  • Pianola Replay - lets you play your hands again with card-by-card guidance about how you can make (or defeat) a given contract. Using exactly the same algorithm as is used to calculate the makeable contracts we'll show you the optimum line of play, whether you're declarer or defender.
  • Results Analysis - gives you a breakdown of your bidding and card play for each session and compares it to the best in field so you can see where you need to improve.
  • Bidding Analysis - gives a detailed breakdown about which boards you’ve underbid, overbid or failed to double correctly. Pianola Plus will even spot where you could have made a profitable sacrifice - or avoided an unprofitable one.
  • Card Play Analysis - whether you’re playing in a 'good' contract or not, you’re still entitled to make a certain number of tricks, whether you’re declarer or defender. Pianola Plus will show you whether you’re giving away tricks to your opponents or stealing any from them. (Hint - good players tend to steal their opponents' tricks!)

You can explore further how these features can help you at http://www.pianola.net/plus

What's more Pianola offers a 30 day free trial so that you can experience them first hand before you commit.