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Join us on Tuesday 7 November for the club’s annual Melbourne Cup event. Play some bridge amidst all the excitement! There will be two sections – Open and Restricted. Come early as the friendly bar staff will open at 9.30 and you can start buying your sweep tickets at 10am. Make it easy and bring the correct change for the $5, $2 and $1 sweeps.

Bridge play starts at 11am. Play some bridge then lunch, then more bridge before watching the race live. There will be Lucky Door and Best Hat prizes so come dressed to impress! Check all the event details.

Image of letter to editor

Thanks David and co for your great newsletter!

I like to see what the champs are doing particularly representing our club but also I liked the items written by members:

  • Moira's recommendation for another early start day ( perhaps Friday) is great especially for those who need to get way for school pickup or work. Day light saving works so well if we start early too.
  • Thanks Terry for the information about the Buddies. Just wondering if it could be with perhaps under 20 Masterpoints (like me !).
Image of competition

This is the second year of this PREMIER EVENT. So find yourself a partner and sign up at the club. The winning pair get their names in gold on the honour board!

  • Three Fridays starting on 6th October.

  • This is a members only PAIRS competition.

  • Only emergency substitutes are allowed. This means the same pair must commit to play in all three sessions.

  • The pair with the highest cumulative percentage will win.

  • There will be a prize for the best under 15 and the best under 50. Prizes limited to one per pair.

  • Entrants must have less than 100 master points as at 01/10/2017.

  • Convenor – Ray Hurst/Vivien Eldridge

Photo of winners

The third session of The Lawrence on the evening of 26 September was won convincingly by Alessandro Gado and Aleksander Milovanovic on 70.72%, ahead of Brian Ody and Col Dempster, and Ron Smith and Robbie Feyder.

"Not bad," commented Aleks, "given we doubled 3S in the first set for it to make."

The Lawrence in 2017 has a $200 cash prize to the winning pair in each session of the event. The remaining sessions in this event are 24 October and 28 November.


Photo of buddy pair

On Wednesday, I experienced my first buddy session with my new buddy, Susan Jensen. I was fortunate in that Susan propagated the program.

The aim of the buddy program is to assist novice players who want to improve their bidding, playing and confidence by playing with a more experienced player over four normal bridge sessions. A novice player is defined for this program as having less than five masterpoints, and the experienced player has 30+ masterpoints.

At the end of each playing session (at a time mutual to both) the pair discuss the preceding session of play. This involves looking at specific boards and improving the bidding, seeing how to better play the cards as declarer and defender. Also, errors of bidding and play, and an assessment of weaknesses in the novice’s game overall.

Image of two stags head butting

As an excuse for a fun day for our club members, we have arranged a head to head challenge with Brisbane Waters Bridge Club on Sunday 5 November. The key elements are:

  • Two teams in each category play the same category from Brisbane Waters - all categories contribute equally to the challenge
  • Reflecting both our clubs' active teaching programs we have novice and rookie level categories
  • Plenty of time for social interaction between rounds
  • Adding in a cruise (well, ferry trip) across Broken Bay as part of the fun day

Vivien Eldridge has been seeking entries and we are now full at last count - so see her if you wish to put your name forward for a waiting list. If you miss out this time, and the event proves the success we hope for, then look out for a return challenge at Peninsula on 28 January 2018.

Photo of winners Ray and Marieta

Ray Hirst and Marieta Borthwick triumphed in the Swiss Pairs event on Tuesday 19 September.

They were 5 IMPs ahead of second placed Terry and Lois Rothwell who in turn edged out Michael and Margaret Draper. It appears mixed pairs do well at Swiss Pairs.

Our expert speaker on the night was Will Jenner-O'Shea who also played with his partner Vanessa Brown. Will spoke on bidding style and how to assess your own and your partner on the Adventurous to Cautious scale.

Photo of the Member Teams winners

Forty-eight intrepid bridge players of all skill levels braved the cold and blustery weather to pitch their wits against each other in the Peninsula Members-only Teams day under direction from John McIlrath.

The five session event was won by team the Small team (Anne Small, Vivien Eldridge, Michael Draper and Margaret Draper) with the Bailey team (Ian Bailey, Lynn Baker, John Rogers and Margaret Rogers) placed second. Check out the full results.

Anne was very welcoming to Patrick - her kibitzer from France. After hearing both Anne and John McIlrath’s attempts to impress Patrick with their french skills, I can safely say he was much more impressed with Anne's bridge skills and John’s directing skills!