Photo of one event attendee

What a day! We had 126 players attend our fabulous event.

Di Agostino did a splendid job with the catering. We have so many people who help at our big events including trestle set up, decorations, directing, organising and preparing food, serving drinks, photographing, cleaning, sweeps etc etc – you get the idea. It is a huge team effort – done with a smile and possibly a fascinator! And of course, the spectacular morning tea contributions by the players on the day.

Photo of possum

On Wednesday, a short while into the session, Anne Small went to the front cupboard to get a file. She swiftly closed the door again and came over to me to say “ there’s a possum in the cupboard!”.

John Rogers was directing but was in the middle of setting up the movement so we decided to tell our vet professor, Terry Rothwell, and ask his advice. After he stopped laughing he said that nothing should be done until after everyone had left at the end of the session.

Novice category winning team photo

Forty-eight Peninsula players travelled across the seas on Sunday 4 November to defend our 2017 win in the Peninsula vs Peninsula Head-to-Head teams challenge against Brisbane Water Bridge Club.

Our valiant members were divided by our leader, Vivien Eldridge, into three groups - Novice, Restricted and Open - to battle against similar categories from the host club. Check the photos (thanks Heidi)!

The four week 2018 Jean Stebbins Trophy event finished on Monday 29 October with Patric Stark emerging as the overall winner. What is perhaps most remarkable is that Patric won while only playing three of the four possible weeks, thus not having the option to drop his worst score. Congratulations Patric!

The full results of eligible players were as follows:

double image of Joan Butts

Joan Butts will be running four one-hour workshops on various types of Doubles In November.

Two on Tuesday, 27 Nov, 2.30-4.30pm and two on Wednesday 28 Nov, 9.30-11.30am.

There will be a 10 minute break between the two sessions on each day so that you can come and stay or come and go - and choose precisely what aspect of doubles you would like to learn/refresh.

Keep your eyes peeled to find out more - or click on the links above to the event calendar for more information.

Photo of Halloween 2017

There are strong rumours that Halloween will come to the Tuesday night session on 30 October. 

Don't be afraid you'll miss out! Come along and enjoy it. And of course a good game of bridge as well. There are even volunteers offering to provide transport if you are unwilling to drive at night so close to Halloween.

This photo was from the Tuesday night session in 2017.


Initiative image

The Tuesday night session brainstormed a number of ideas to generate more interest from other players in the session. After discussion, and restricted to where someone was prepared to do any coordinating work, the session decided (with the Committee's concurrence) to trial the following six initiatives. Hopefully one or more of these interest you - you would be very welcome to the session!

Offering transport to/from session - Offering transport to/from Tuesday (and other) night sessions for those not comfortable driving at night - see separate article.

Turning off the Bridgemate results display - Trial for a month (Tue night session only) to see if it has a good effect on timing and friendliness at the table.

Photo of Heidi and Ray

About a dozen Peninsula members played in the weekend events (20-21 Oct) at the Sydney Spring Nationals. The best success was achieved by Heidi Colenbrander and Ray Hurst who came third in the Restricted Pairs category (<300MP). Annegrete Kolding and Sandie Rooke came 5th in the Novice Pairs. Congratulations to both pairs.

Our Peninsula expeditionary group included a range of our players from an enthusiastic rookie (learned only a couple of months ago) to those with a fair bit more experience. Most of the pairs in the open competition experienced doses of humility while enjoying some challenging boards. The weekend events were Swiss matchpoint pairs - the rest of the Spring Nationals is teams-based and some of our members are playing there as well. Anne Small and Hans van Weeren did well coming 18th in the open teams. You can see all the Spring National results. Thanks to Annegrete Kolding for the photo.