Photo of dealer working bee

One of the many tasks going on behind the scenes of our club is the dealing of all the boards we use. Often this occurs on Sundays but you may have heard the dealing machine during some sessions when the volunteer dealers of the week do some necessary dealing to ensure we have boards to play. Even less conspicuous is the generally annual update of the playing cards - this took place during a dealer volunteer working bee on Sunday 4 Feb.

There was a terrific turnout of PBC dealers at the working bee on Sunday. Our dealing system has been upgraded to include bar codes on the boards, making it easier for dealers to immediately recognise if the board numbers do not correlate with the computerised deals. As well as adding the new bar code stickers to the boards, the dealers also went through all the old decks, sorting those that could be recycled to charities from those that needed to be thrown out. We then unpacked the new decks, so PBC members now have the privilege of playing with brand new cards - what a treat for us all!

John and Margaret Rogers did an amazing job of organising the logistics - and then, after the dealers had completed their allocated tasks, stayed behind themselves to deal the hands for the week!

Many thanks to team Rogers for their hard work, time and commitment to PBC.